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Sustainable Leadership Solutions’ mission is to link organizational values and human capital in a transformational change by improving communication, group dynamics, consensus-building, interaction and collaboration among healthcare professionals, educators, non-profit organizations  businesses and municipalities; facilitating high performing organizational development.

Problems in leadership development are not unique. Our recent 2008 survey of health care providers conducted in conjunction with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness reveals that problems in leadership development are universal. When asked about the importance of leadership, teamwork and values, 83% indicated that leadership was a significant challenge; 54% indicated that they had problems with shared values with their partners such as transparency, trustworthiness, perseverance, dependability and reciprocity; 32% said they had significant problems with their partners working as a team; and more than nine out of ten (93%) believed that a foundation of shared values was important for the success of their work.  When asked to rank order different aspects of employee skills, leadership and management were ranked most or second most important nearly two-thirds of the time (64%) while skill development, job experience, and education, things most likely to be the focus of training, were rated most important or second most important just over one out of ten times (13%).  The survey results clearly indicate that technical instruction is simply not enough to groom a leader.

At Sustainable Leadership Solutions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of approaches to help your community or business to reach its fullest potential.  We help develop transformational approaches through the implementation of collective purpose and values-based leadership. We then help you set a direction, and deliver solutions that create profitable returns, consensus and high value rewards.

Sustainable Leadership Solutions helps leaders at all levels address their organization’s strategic and tactical concerns by reconnecting them to the company’s mission and collective vision highly-principled environment.

By applying our expertise to your strategic planning, our team can help you define challenges and generate sustainable direction to meet tomorrow’s demand for authentic leaders.

Sustainable Leadership Solutions
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