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Sustainable Leadership Solutions’ offers a layered approach in the assessment, facilitation, execution, and success in transforming an organizationís most important resource, its human capital. Each of our interactive workshops is customized for the unique issues and challenges surrounding your company.

The third module of the leadership development process is Action Learning.

Research has shown that by encouraging participants to develop creative solutions (divergent learning), and then focusing those solutions into concrete outcomes (convergent learning), knowledge is assimilated into a permanent capacity.

Working together to identify real problems and issues, action-based teams put skills to the test as they develop, test and implement concrete solutions to tangible organizational problems. The focus is on increasing awareness of the causes of the problem and expanding organizational mechanisms that support engaged and creative problem solving.

Action-learning teams contributes to business’ strategic growth as well as the team member’s professional development  Action learning provides an environment where a work group may reflect on and resolve real business and community problems in real time.

  • Timeframe:  Two to six months adjusted for the complexity of the problem.
  • Participants: Director, Manager or Supervisor level employees.
  • Deliverable:  Identification of problem, creation of a project plan, identification of key roles and responsibilities, assignment of tasks and timeline. Can be combined with the Team Development module,
  • Outcomes: The Action Learning Team develops leaders because it requires participants to think critically and work collectively.

What’s happening in today’s economy is a shift from companies taking care of employees to companies expecting more from the individual. 71% of the Fortune 100 executives say workers must "add value" to their jobs to stay employed. - USA Today

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