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The Character Foundations Assessment™

The Character Foundations Assessment is a psychometric tool which measures  traits essential to personal achievement and transformational change.

These traits, called virtues, are the foundational building blocks for leadership development that include such qualities as personality, adeptness, reasoning and attitudes. The Character Foundations Assessment helps to diagnose the strength of your business’ most important asset, your personnel.

Through an understanding of shared and individual values the Assessment can provide a blueprint to strengthen your organization’s core competencies, enabling authentic sustainable change. Without addressing these virtues, individual and organizational transformation will stagnate, no matter how many traditional assessments you may use or how many technical or skill development opportunities you provide for your employees.

The Character Foundations Assessment is a psychometric tool validated to measure 22 critical, universally accepted virtues relating to five fundamental values that help individuals succeed, both in the work environment and in their personal life. As a result of our differing backgrounds and life situations, we all have virtues in which we are strong and others that need development. The assessment report is designed to quickly identify those strengths and developmental opportunities.

The report is divided into three parts. First is a summary section that includes a graphical display of the overall results of the assessment. Next is a detailed account and descriptions of the strength and weakness of each of the corresponding virtues. The third section provides developmental feedback on the top-three and bottom-three virtues, providing the participant tools to form an individual development plan.

Ultimately, the Character Foundations Assessment analyzes 22 universally accepted virtues critical to success. The assessment report is designed to quickly identify these strengths and developmental opportunities and in turn can assess the overall competencies of the organization or team.

The Character Foundations Assessment Measures 22 Virtues That Support Five Fundamental Values Critical to Success

1. Integrity-Truthfulness, Respect, Humility, Adherence
2. Vision-Creativity, Moderation, Reflection
3. Drive-Purposefulness, Justice, Honor
4. Responsibility-Orderliness, Excellence, Dependability, Determination, Self-Discipline
5. Influence-Compassion, Positive Spirit, Sociability, Service, Unity, Trust, Flexibility

The Character Foundations Assessment has been developed by Pierce Group in full accordance with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (1999).

  • The Character Foundations Assessment is comprised of 112 multiple-choice and 24 forced-choice questions and usually takes about 35 minutes to complete on-line.
  • Results can be delivered several ways, reflecting the needs of the respondent and the company providing the assessment. Additional professional overviews or verbal consultations are also available.
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