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Sustainable Leadership Solutions’ offers a layered approach in the assessment, facilitation, execution, and success in transforming an organizationís most important resource, its human capital. Each of our interactive workshops is customized for the unique issues and challenges surrounding your company.

The second module of the leadership development process is Team Development.

The module’s aim is to critically examine prevailing mental models and hidden assumptions and transform those models into effective tools for leadership. Participants are challenged to recognize their own leadership style and its effectiveness in achieving the main goals of a leader; identifying the need for transformation,creating a vision to guide the team, and executing change. This process leads to the participants deriving a framework of leadership that consciously addresses the needs of the group, is rooted in the critical facts and realities facing the organization, and effectively accomplishes the goals of the business unit.   

Value Bases Leadership Training develops teams.

  • Tailored to individual needs with an emphasis on group dynamics.
  • Targeted at two levels, personal development and organizational change.
  • Transfers skill development as part of organizational culture.
  • Customized to support strategic destination.
  • A means to an end.

In addition, the session includes the Character Foundations Assessment (CFA™), a validated assessment tool measuring 22 critical character strengths for successful and sustainable leadership success.

  • Timeframe:  A one or two day interactive workshop.
  • Participants: Director, Manager or Supervisor level employees.
  • Deliverable: Individual and Team Character Foundation Assessment (CFA™) and consultation.
  • Outcomes: The teams learn to take an active role in adjusting their leadership methods, so that they become responsible for aligning their purpose and goals with that of the organization’s values and commitments.

When you ask people about what it is like being part of a great team, what is most striking is the meaningfulness of the experience. People talk about being part of something larger than themselves, of being connected, of being generative. It become quite clear that, for many, their experiences as part of truly great teams stands out as singular periods of life lived to the fullest. Some spend the rest of their lives looking for ways to recapture that spirit.
–Peter Senge

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